Cabal Online: The Ultimate Guide

First of all, I would like to welcome you all to my guide. I pray that this massive effort will be a massive contribution to the Philippine Cabal Community and aide in the rapid growth of cabalph. Now, let me go on. CABAL is a 3D action hack n’ slash MMORPG. Featuring 6 playable classes and beautiful skill animations unseen in most MMOs, CABAL is one of the best that I have personally seen on the gaming market. CABAL’s realistic graphics seem to make the game more attractive to teenagers 14+, but this game is suitable for pretty much all ages in my opinion. Currently, all versions of CABAL except for the Brazilian version are F2P. The cap levels in CABAL are 120 (closed beta usually), 150 (open beta/full version), and 170 (full version after lengthy development). Now that we all have a small seed of an idea of what CABAL is, let us grow that seed into a fruit bearing tree.CABAL System Requirements

Before we go anywhere, let’s make sure that you have what it takes to run CABAL. Despite CABAL’s amazing graphics and animations, the requirements are surprisingly low. Here is a table:
System Requirements

In order to check what your computer is equiped with, follow this simple process.

Start menu -> Run -> Type in “dxdiag” without the ” ” -> Hit the run button and you’re there.

Game Controls & Special Options

So now that we’re sure that we can play CABAL, let’s learn how to even play the game.

Essential Hotkeys for Everyday Survival

W = walk forward
S = backpedal
A = rotate camera left
D = rotate camera right
Q = strafe left
E = strafe right
1 – 0, -, and = are used for skill and potion hot keys.
F1 – F4 are used to cycle between your different skill bars. You have a total of 4.
I = item menu (also includes all your equips).
K = skills menu
C = character info menu
T = quest menu
O = options menu
P = party list
G = guild
B = buddies
X = extracted items menu
Tab and M = mini map. Tab is more of an instant map. You must hold down tab to keep the map viewable. Release tab to close it.
Spacebar = pick up items
Left click = attack / pick up / speak to npc / target monster
Right click = adjust camera angle in all directions
Mouse wheel = adjust focus

Options that Make Life Worth Living

Hide/Display: Monster HP, Monster name, your HP, player names, helmet
Place combo meter under Monster HP bar (top of the screen) // Place combo meter above character’s head (center of screen).
Dash in the direction you are walking // Dash to where the mouse pointer is.
Auto attack on/off.
Adjust BGM volume
Adjust sound effect volume
Adjust ambience volume. (Ambience is map sound effects, such as a dusty breeze in the desert or animal chirpings in the forest)
Adjust character and environment quality
Adjust resolution
Adjust brightness
Setting up shop. (Found by clicking on yourself and clicking on the drop down menu. The shop holds up to 8 items).

Chat System

Each mode of chat is represented by a small capital letter. Here is how it works
C = Channel chat
N = Public chat
T = Trade chat
L = Shout chat
G = Guild chat
P = Party chat
W = Whisper chat

You can change chat modes by either clicking on the letter and changing it to your desired chat mode, or you can simply type /(letter of chatmode) and it will instantly switch over. For whisper chat, you must type in the name of whom you wish to whisper to. The whisper box saves recently whispered to users for your convenience.

You can color your chat by using $[Insert number here] … [Insert text here]#.
Ex. $1 Hey, what’s up?#

Multiple colors can be used in 1 line as well by following this system:
$40# Hello everyone, $ $41# thanks for reading my guide. $ $21# Hope you enjoy it. $

Be sure to make those spaces between the $ and # signs, otherwise you will simply end up typing a $ instead of color coding your text.

ClassesAh, we are finally on some game related materials! CABAL has 6 classes. Those 6 are Warriors, Wizards, Bladers, Force Bladers, Force Archers, and Force Shielders. Each class has their ups and downs, their wins and fails, so let us review each class in a general synopsis.
Warrior // Hometown: Bloody Ice
The warrior is your typical giant sword wielding, huge damage dealing tank of destruction. Warriors may wield either great swords or daikatanas. Their usual armor used is the armor set. Warriors deal the highest amount of damage in CABAL and most of their skills are single target skills. Also, since the armor set is the strongest armor defense-wise, warriors boast the highest damage and one of the highest defenses. Because warrior skills are all 1 sided and mostly fall under the sword skill rank, warriors are a very easy to class to play and are probably one of the best ones for beginners.

+ Highest damage dealers
+ One of the best survivors due to high defense and HP
+ Shiny armor and large swords are appealing to most
+ Exceptional in PvP due to attack and defense.

– Most people do not like how warrior skills take a long time to cast
– Said to be hard to train with in Lakeside due to lack of stun skills

Misconceptions: Warriors do NOT attack slower than everyone else. Their skills take LONGER to cast, but as for normal attacks, they are no slower than anyone else’s attacks. Nor do warriors walk the slowest due to armor weight.

Wizard // Hometown: Desert Scream
The wizard is your AoE, spellcasting, ranged class. Wizards wield dual orbs as power sources for their magic and wear the martial set for higher avoid, but lack defense as compensation. Wizards are excellent fighters due to their long range AoE attacks that still deal high amounts of damage. Wizards also have the ability to freeze monsters from a range so that they cannot even reach you, making your lack of defense not even a factor to worry about. Since wizards are a 1 stat class like warriors and mainly use just magic skills, wizards are a class suitable for beginners as well.

+ Best long range AoE
+ Capable of freezing opponents from far away, preventing you from harm
+ Decent avoid rate
+ Powerful in PvP due to freezing and range

– Low defense

Misconceptions: So far, none that I know of. I remember hearing that wizards have more HP than bladers, but I have never confirmed that notion.

Blader // Hometown: Desert Scream
The blader is your dual sword hack n’ slash, slice n’ dice class. Bladers have the option of wielding dual katanas, dual blades, or one blade and one katana. Similar to wizards, bladers equip the martial set for optimal avoid, but lacking defense. Bladers are a very fast class. Many of their skills deal some kind of AoE damage and have some of the prettiest skill animations the game has to offer. Bladers are typically seen as a beginner friendly class as well since a majority of their skills only lie under the sword skill rank.

+ Best avoid in the game, practically untouchable in PvE
+ Beautiful skills with AoE slapped onto almost all of them
+ Strong and easy to grow

– No major advantage with PvP like massive defense and long range. Player skill is more required on this aspect.
– Said to have the lowest HP of all classes.

Misconceptions: Blades are NOT slower than katanas. Blades and katanas only differ in attack, magic attack, hit rate, and appearance.

Force Blader // Hometown: Green Despair
The force blader is magic & sword slash ’em up class. Force bladers equip katanas and orbs and use the battle set for balanced defense and avoid to fit the force blader’s balanced build. Force bladers have a unique balance between magical damage and physical damage. The fact that force bladers absolutely must have both magic and sword skills makes them slightly harder to train and less for beginners. Though force bladers have a bumpy road up, they even out with all the other classes in the end.

+ Perfectly balanced to fit all situations
+ Powerful AoE skills
+ Awesome PvPers

– Hard road on the way up

Misconceptions: Force bladers are NOT weak. Some people believe that force bladers suck, which is absolutely incorrect. Force bladers simply require more time and effort to make just as good as everyone else.

Force Archer // Hometown: Green Despair
The force archer is your long range, mostly single target, sharpshooter class. Force archers equip dual crystals, each one half of their bow and the battle set for balanced defense and avoid. Force archers mostly have single target skills. I almost want to call them long range warriors since they do have AoE skills, just not many of them. Force archers have been deemed the best PvPers due to their range, stun, and powerful single strike attacks. Dash also makes them hard to catch for short range classes.

+ Powerful damage even though they are long range
+ Most likely to win a PvP with the least amount of player skill needed

– May struggle with large mobs as they don’t have much AoE and aren’t tanks like warriors

Misconceptions: Though it is true that force archers are easiest to PvP with, being a force archer doesn’t automatically guarantee you 100% success in a PvP.

Force Shielder // Hometown: Bloody Ice
The force shielder is your sword and shield magic class with defense comparable to that of a warrior. Force shielders wield a blade and a crystal that transforms into their shield and wear the armor suit set to enhance their defensive powers. Force shielders are perhaps the best at PvE due to their skills having large AoEs, and lots of their skills cover the full 360 degrees of turf. Force shielders have been said to be the less capable PvPer since huge AoE skills are much weaker when used against a single target compared to the skills of a warrior and force archer. Similar to force bladers, force shielders must obtain a balance of magic and sword.

+ A tank, pure and simple
+ Awesome AoE for first class PvE

– Slightly harder to use for PvP

Misconceptions: Force shielders are NOT weak. People keep getting the idea that force shielders suck because European CABAL destroyed the force shielder’s critical hit rate. That does NOT apply to SEA / US version hope that includes the Phil version too.

Map of Desert Scream
Desert Scream Map

Map of Green Despair

Green Despair

Map of Bloody Ice

Bloody Ice Map

QuestsYes my friends, be glad to hear that CABAL has quests, many, MANY quests. Here’s a run down of the types of quests you might face.Destroy Mobs: Some quests simply ask you to kill mobs. Whether it be 3 or 30, all you have to do is kill.
Collection Quests: Some quests ask you to collect items from mobs instead of just kill them. These end up becoming the most hated quests in the game, so beware!
Instant Dungeon: Some quests have you enter a disclosed location and successfully destory all mobs / find an NPC / kill the boss at the end. These are perhaps the most fun type of quest you can get.
Environment Collection: Some quests ask you to run out to a special location on the map and get something from a statue or a structure. Very simple, but it usually requires you to run through mobs that are much higher level than you.
NPC Socializing: Some quests require you to simply chat with an NPC and it’s all done.
The bulk of your quests will be received from level 1 – 40. On average you will have 5 or 6 quests per level, and quests are usually more than enough to level you up with minimal amounts of on the side training. I would mostly say it is because of quests that people can reach level 30-35 in 2 days.

Be aware that every job has a slightly different quest list, and that difference is seen in their specific class quest list. The quest menu eventually branches off into different categories, and if you are a blader, your Blader Quests will not be the same as say a force blader who has Force Blader Quests. Other than this slight difference, all classes get the same quests and it is advisable to find a friend to party and quest with.

Instant Dungeons

There are 2 different kinds of instant dungeons. One of them is a short, 2 to 45 minute dungeon that is always related to a quest you are doing. The other one is a long, 1 to 2 hour dungeon that is usually there mostly for party training and finding rare equips undroppable by normal mobs in your level range.

Of the shorter dungeons, there are 3 kinds.

Gotta pwn them all! This type of dungeon simply requires you to run through the dungeon and destroy every monster in your path.
Find that NPC! This type of dungeon requires you to reach the end in order to talk to an NPC. It’s usually pretty much just like a “Gotta pwn them all” dungeon.
Oh snap it’s a boss! This type of dungeon requires you to destroy all mobs in your path AND face a boss monster in the end. Be aware that most boss monsters have TWO hp bars, meaning, you have to kill them twice for them to stay down.

Common obstacles in dungeons

1. Soul lamps / Soul crystals. These are locks that seal the doorway to the next room. In rooms that contain these, you may skip the monsters and destroy just the soul lamps. When all the soul lamps are gone, the monsters will all vanish as well. You will not get the exp from the monsters by doing this.

2. Maze. Sometimes a wall of mazes appears in the room as soon as you enter it. In mazes, you must either destroy all the mobs, or break all the soul lamps to unlock the door.

3. Key mob. Most rooms in each dungeon hold what is called the key mob. If you destroy this one mob, all the others will die with it. Doing this will not give you the EXP of all the other monsters that die with it.

Party Dungeons

In the longer 1 to 2 hour dungeons, you may bring along a party with you. Be aware, however, that each of these dungeons require a special item in order to gain access and entry to them.

Lake in Dusk: Map part
Ruina Station: Muster card
Frozen Tower of the Undead B1F: Epaulet of the Dead B1F
Frozen Tower of the Undead B2F: Epaulet of the Dead B2F

These dungeons include mobs that have extremely high amounts of HP. It is normal to spend 3-5 minutes on just 1 section of the dungeon, even with a party. All dungeons are littered with mini bosses along the way, and mini bosses have a high chance of dropping advanced gear that you cannot get anywhere else, such as double slotted osmium equipment. At the end of each is a huge final boss, and most dungeons have treasure chests than can contain anything from cores to equips to even an astral bike.

Sidebar: Lottery system
The lottery system is a based on player honor system for deciding who gets what from a dungeon drop. Let’s say someone finds a double slotted osmium armor helmet, and there happen to be a warrior and a force shielder in the party run that need it. What each player would do is click on them selves and click on the little “lottery” tab. The lottery will publicly announce a random number, and whoever gets the higher number gets the item. Think of it as advanced rock, paper, scissors.

TrainingTraining, or grinding, in this game is quite similar to most other games, but there are some oddities and techniques that I would like to share with you all.Suggested Training Method
I highly suggest that you use combo and combo only when only training on general mobs. Things like aura mode and your battle modes 1 & 2 should be saved for instant dungeons and when you’re in tight spots. Using combo is also the best for leveling your skills, but that is not for this section to explain.
Suggested Training Locations
Everyone has a favorite map and a favorite mob that they just can’t stop hacking and slashing away at. When it comes to training, the best type of monster to kill would be monsters with an orange or red name. These monsters give you the most EXP you can possibly get. All the different colors of mobs include:

Grey – Much weaker than you. Usually gives you no exp at all.
Pale Green – Slightly weaker than you. Usually gives you very little exp, sometimes none.
Yellow – At your level. Usually give you decent exp, but not great exp.
Orange – Slightly stronger than you. Usually gives you good exp.
Red – Much stronger than you. Usually gives you the best exp you can possibly get.

Factors for EXP gain
1. The damage you deal. The damage you deal to a monster dictates how much exp you get from it. This is the reason why CABAL uses an exact damage system (where if the monster has 10 hp left, even your best skill will only deal 10 damage). That means that each monster has a certain capacity of exp, but the more damage you deal the more exp you will get. This also means that you do NOT need to actually kill the monster to gain EXP, simply dealing damage to it will give you something.

2. Level gap. The larger the level gap is, the more or less exp you gain. The amount is not constant, and it’s also a pretty big gap between each color. The difference between yellow color monsters and red color monsters is quite substantial.

3. Optimal mobbing. In order to gain the most possibly experience in one hit, it is best to attack 4 monsters at once. When you exceed 4, you hardly bring in any extra exp to the table. That is why people who mob 8 monsters at once gain just about the same amount as those who only mob 4. Keep this in mind for the future. This mostly prevents you from gaining 10% in one mob and making leveling too easy and pointless.

Skill Training and Skills

Skill training is the process of taking off some extra time to level up your skill rank. Typical methods of skill training are:
1. Using novice/apprentice skills on monsters that give you 0 exp
2. Punching
3. Killing dungeon doors
4. Dummies (only available in some versions under premium account)

In CABAL, every class has both sword skills and magic skills. That’s right, even warriors can use magic and even wizards can use physical attack skills. For both of these skill ranks, you can obtain the rank of Transcender, and every skill rank gives you special stat bonuses as well. Here’s a general run down.

Upgrading Equips
Upgrading equips simply require a core and a right click, it’s that simple.

Low core = anything up to aramid level
Med core = anything up to titanium level
High core = anything up to red osmium level
Highest core = anything

Every time you succeed in upgrading, you gain +3 defense and +3 defense rate on your armor, +3 attack and +2 magic attack and +? on your attack rate on one hand sword type weapons, +6 attack and +2 magic attack on two hand sword type weapons, and +2 attack and +3 magic attack on magic weapons. The maximum + on equips is +7, and the higher you go, the shinier it gets. Also, +6 and +7 add double the stats previously listed.

+0 to +1 – Fail = nothing happens
+1 to +2 – Fail = nothing happens
+2 to +3 – Fail = nothing happens
+3 to +4 – Fail = nothing happens
+4 to +5 – Fail = -1 to +3
+5 to +6 – Fail = -1 to +4
+6 to +7 – Fail = -6 to +0
*Items can NEVER break.

So, be very very sure of your decision when you upgrade to that +7 rank, because it fails more often than not.

To upgrade an equip, simply right click the core, and then drag it onto the item you wish to upgrade, and click on it. Be aware that the stat requirements of your equip will increase when you upgrade it as well.

Slotted Equips
Equips can be zero slotted, single slotted, or double slotted. These slots can be filled with different stats such as extra HP, extra defense, and extra defense rate (there are more). Single slotted items and double slotted ones have exactly the same stat, which is the same as zero slotted +2. There are also 2 different levels of upgrades, level 1 and level 2 upgrades. Level 1 upgrades can be gotten using catalysts, but level 2 upgrades are gotten using 2 force cores or more. Using 2 force cores give you a 25% chance of getting a level 2 upgrade, and these upgrades are random in nature.

Also, for catalysts, you can use equipments that are 1 level lower than them. However, they need to be slotted. That means, if you want to slot a Red Osmium item, you would need a osmium grade slotted item as catalyst.

And, the second slot actually only needs 1 force core, but the chance of upgrading is lower than when upgrading the first slot.

In order to fill slots in an equip, you must take it to the core alchemist in any of the towns.

Guild System
After completing your level 40 class up quest, you are allowed to create a guild!. Guilds cost 10 mill to make, so be sure to get some funding support from people who wish to join. The maximum capacity for a guild is 100 members. Of course, guild chat is avaiable. It is also possible to have a war between guilds. This is the command you use:

/guildwar [the other guild’s guildsmasters name] [number of deaths for a win]
Example: /guildwar DuoBlader 15

Once you initiate it, you better get ready because it starts instantly and doesn’t stop until the number of deaths declared has been fulfilled. If you win, you will gain honor points.

The Guild Battle’s Honor Points calculation formula:
(Winning number of death x 50) ÷ (the numbers of participated guildsmen).

If you lose, you will simply die and respawn in town. You won’t receive any death penalty.

Party System
In CABAL, the max party is a party of four, you and three others. The EXP is shared in a way where you get most of the EXP and your party members leech a small amount. So let’s say we have a 4 man party. I will assign A, B, C, and D to each member. So let’s say party member A kills a monster that would give you 1000 exp if you weren’t in a party. Member A would get 700 exp, and members A, B, and C would get 100 exp each. If member B killed that same monster, member B would get 700 exp, and members A, C, and D would get 100 exp each. The same applies for members C and D. Also there are three ways to set up how drops work:

1. Free for all
2. By contribution
3. In order

The one on one, skill vs skill combat. In order to initiate a PvP, click on the character you wish to PvP with and press “Request PvP” in their mini menu. You can PvP without betting by pressing cancel, but if you wish to bet then…

1. Initiator of the PvP sets the amount of honor and/or Alz to be bet (you can bet worth).
-Max bet for Alz is 100,000,000.
-If you bet honor, you must have at least 10,000 in case you lose.
2. The person asked for PvP can decline the betting.

If the person you ask to PvP does not respond in one minute, then the PvP is automatically canceled, or if the player denies it, it will also be canceled. A PvP is limited to 3 minutes long. If no one dies in that time, the PvP is canceled. If you win, you win the amount you bet. If you bet nothing, then you gain 1 honor point. If you lose, you die, get no death penalty, and respawn in town.

The most elite PvP tactic is to incorporate dash and fade step INTO your combo. Here is an example:

PKing is the ability to kill other characters without them agreeing to fight. PKing, however, has extremely severe penalties, so beware when you go on your killing spree. In order to initiate a PK, you click on the character you wish to kill, hold shift, then press any attack skill.

The penalties for PKing:
a) If you attempt another PK while in PK Penalty status, you will lose 1,000 Honor Points.
b) If you kill a character while in PK Penalty status, you will lose 10,000 Honor Points on the top of the 1,000 points that you have lost by attempting a PK.
c) If you continue attempting PK while in PK Penalty status, the severity and duration of penalty will be increased.

First PK : Cannot use shops for 10 minutes. There is no Honor Point penalty.(Penalty status starts on the second PK)
Second PK : Cannot converse with NPCs for 30 minutes. Therefore, it is impossible to use shops, storage, and instructions or proceed with quests.
Third PK : Cannot converse with NPCs for 60 minutes, and other characters can PK you without receiving any penalties.
Fourth PK : Cannot converse with NPCs for 100 minutes, and have a chance of dropping equipment upon death.
Fifth PK : Will be confined within a labyrinthine prison for 150 minutes.

Nation War: Capella and Procyon
At level 95, you receive a quest that allows you to join a nation. The two nations are Capella and Procyon. Nation wars take place on the War Channel (usually channel 9), and nation war is always possible in maps such as Forgotten Ruin and Lakeside. When in the war channel, Forgotten Ruin, or Lakeside, people in your opposing nation will have a red name. You may kill them without any penalties, and they can be targeted just like monsters without using the shift key.

Honor rewards for winning a Nation War:
Honor Point Reward (Minimum 10 Points) = -100 + {(300 × number defeated) ÷ (numbers of allies in your nation + numbers of foes in the opposing nation)}

Honor rewards for killing monsters in Forgotten Ruin and Lakeside
(Minimum 1 point and Maximum 3 points per monster) = -4 + {(12 × numbers of foes in opposing nation) ÷ (numbers of allies in your nation + numbers of foes in opposing nation)}

Honor Points
Honor points allow you to do many things.

1. Buy larger stacks of potions.
2. Equip special epaulets and accessories.
3. Is used in order to craft.

Honor can be restored by:
1. Winning PvPs and betting in PvPs
2. Winning Guild Wars.
3. Winning Nation Wars and training in War Zone maps (Forgotten Ruin and Lakeside).
4. Doing normal quests.
5. Using a plate of honor to do a special quest.

This are the first part of General information of Cabal Online, I will be posting a lot interesting guides for you sooner. Hope you Enjoy!~

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