e-Games Cabal Online Ph Forum: New looks and Better features

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Finally e-Games re-formatted their boards with its new IPB version and ibPro Battle features.
This will be our new avenue for community interaction, game feedback, game problems and bug reports. All accounts and some of the pinned threads have been migrated here in our new forums while the other posts will still be kept and reviewed by our Game Masters. Moving forward, we need your help in testing and rebuilding all of our game sections.

Let’s make it clean and work together to make this community bigger, better, and bolder!

Note: Since we all have to start with your usernames as your display names, everyone has the option to change their display names for three days. After which your display names will be locked and you cannot change them in the future. Deadline will be on July 14th.

To change your display name, proceed to ‘My Controls’>’Personal Information’>’Change Display Name’.

Or you can access it by following this link. Please remember that you can change your display names only ONCE. After you change it it can never be changed again.

You can visit the forum anytime at this link: http://forums.e-games.com.ph/index.php?act=idx
Cabal Online Ph Forum Board at this link: http://forums.e-games.com.ph/index.php?showforum=2

Source: GM Persona of Cabal Ph Team / e-Games forum


Cabal Online Philippines Goes Commercial

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e-Games is giving you another reason to remember Philippine Independence Day!

Finally, after weeks of close and open beta testing, CABAL Online is set to go commercial on June 12, 2008! This means more action, more adventure, and more reasons to play the country’s hottest and fastest-growing MMORPG today.

Train with the dummies and hasten your SP growth! Teleport in an instant by using the premium functions of the GPS! Spice up your EXP and SP grinding with blessing beads! Dress up and get into the grove with new costumes and pets! All these and more will become available to every CABAList in the country come Independence Day!

So keep those combos up and monster heads rolling because more great things are coming your way! Stay tuned for more updates only here at http://www.cabal.com.ph.

Grindfest Events Extended

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Good news CABALists! To celebrate the success of CABAL Online’s Open Beta Testing and to prepare everyone for the upcoming Commercial Launch, the CABAL Team is extending the Grind Fest to June 10!

Meaning, those who reached the level requirements by June 10 will receive 1 Day Blessing Bead (Level 30) and 1 Day Premium Service (Level 50). They will also get to join the iPod Shuffles and iPhones Raffle Promo. Not only that, exclusive glow-in-the-dark CABAL T-Shirts await the members of the TOP GUILD!

In-game rewards will be inserted in the qualified accounts during the scheduled server maintenance on June 10 and must be used before the commercial launch on June 11 at 11:59pm.

So what better time to grow your characters and found or join a guild than now? Grind by yourself or with party and get a chance to avail these freebies!

Sources: Cabalph Official Site > www.cabal.com.ph

Cabalph Open Beta Launchs: Awesome Event, Great Prices

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Greetings, CABALists!

Since the start of the game’s Open Beta Test (OBT), players from all over the country have joined in the revolution in online gaming. Both Mercury and Venus Servers are a testament to the enthusiasm of gamers as they embark on an epic journey in the world of Nevareth.

 As recognition to each and gamer’s zealousness, we are rewarding you, esteemed CABALists, with awesome prizes and in-game items!

 Now has never been a great time for you to be more and do more in the game. As you progress in your character levels, rise up from the ranks and gather your in-game resources, we’re spicing it up all the more with an exciting rewards promo!

 Gamers who will reach levels 30 and 50, as well as those who will establish guilds stand a chance to win amazing in-game items and prizes such as iPod Shuffles and iPhones!

 Curious on how to join? Read on and find out!

 CABAL Grind Fest Rewards Promo


  • All gamers with CABAL Online accounts are eligible to join.
  • Level up your characters to be able to join in any of the three promos.

Race to Level 30

  • If you reach level 30 by June 6, you will automatically get 1 Day Blessing Bead (25% EXP boost). Get on the grinding mood and use the Blessing Bead until June 8, 11:59PM.
  • If you reach level 30 by June 19 at 1AM, you automatically qualify for the raffle to win 1 of the 5 iPod Shuffles. But, if your level progresses beyond level 30, you’ll get additional raffle entries! (ex: level 35 = 5 raffle entries)

Race to level 50

  • If you reach level 50 by June 6, you will automatically get 1 Day Premium Service, which you should use before June 9. With this you can access other game features such as an increase in item inventory, use of training dolls, GPS teleportation, etc.
  • If you reach level 50 by June 19 at 1AM, you automatically qualify for the raffle to win 1 of the 3 [8GB] iPhones. Additional level points beyond level 50 will earn you more raffle entries! (ex: level 52 = 2 raffle entries)

Rise of the CABAList Guilds

  • Create your guilds and make your mark in Nevareth! Top guilds will be determined by a point system, which will sum up the group’s total number of members and their character levels.
  • ex: Guild XX has 20 level 5 members = 100 POINTS
    Guild YY has 5 members in level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 members = 375 POINTS
    Guild YY is hailed as the TOP GUILD
  • Deadline: June 19, 1AM
  • Prizes:1st – Exclusive glow-in-the-dark CABAL Shirt for all guild members present in awarding event on June 21.
    – 1 Day Blessing Bead2nd – 2 Hours Blessing Bead

    3rd – 1 Hour Blessing Bead

  • Only guild members present in the awarding event on June 21 can claim their in-game item through vouchers.

Get ready for a one of a kind experience in CABAL Online! Join now!

Informations taken from the Cabal Phils Official Site.

Marked your calendar, OpenBeta announced !

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This is it!  the long wait is over..

The country’s most anticipated new-age action game has arrived! Pick up your arms and get ready for the bold and gripping adventure known as CABAL ONLINE. Published by e-Games Philippines, it is set to go on Open Beta Testing on May 24, 2008 6:00PM.

All are required to make a new Cabal Online account at the Official site: http://www.cabal.com.ph/

Read the full news from CM Jay at this link : http://forums.e-games.com.ph/index.php?topic=564740.0

CBT concluded, Open Beta on its way for Philippine Gamers

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e-Games Philippines the publisher of Cabal-ph already undergone the Close Beta phase that runs for 5 days, May 15 – May 19, 2008 with playing time limited only for 10 hours daily. But this testing is well orchestrated by the Cabalph Team which i considered a successful beta testing that let all players with CBT keys can explores different maps, quests and features in the world of Nevareth. 

Cabalph CBT stage is just ended, and  most of the feedback of gamers with regard to problems and bugs of the game from the launching of the game up to the quest-related glitches.

There  are a lot of vigilant CBT testers contributes in reporting problems such as connection problems, character log-in issues, and in-games item, skill, and quest bug are very much appreciated.

From Cabal Phils. Team:

Let us help each other in the Community. In case you have discovered temporary solutions on the issues with regard to the disconnection issues, Blue Screen problems caused by Antivirus Settings and hardware driver issues, please contribute or share your debugging procedures in the CBT Stage Forum Threads.

Read more about the related news : http://cabalcommunityph.blogspot.com/

Cabal Online Guild System : How to make and manage your own

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First of all, I would like to thank cabalwiki for the contents of this topic, SlashCry of Demigodz Guild in Cabal US and also Guild Affinity of CabalSea Community for some images to make this post supported with some visuals.

Cabal Online Guild System

1 Guild Creation
1.1 How to Recruit Guildsmen
1.2 Guild Chat
1.3 Leave a Guild
1.4 Guild Expulsion
1.5 Group Creation and Management
1.5.1 Group Information Amendments
1.6 Guild Master Delegation
1.7 How to Disband a Guild
1.8 Guild Master Authority

Guild Creation
After any particular character complete a level 40 or higher Rank Up test, he/she can create his/her own guild through officers in starting towns such as Bloody Ice, Desert Scream and Green Despair.
You can check your guild information from the Guild Tab under the Friend Windows (shortcut key: G )
Your guild name may be up to 16 English letters long, but you cannot use special characters or spaces for the name.

Officer in Bloody Ice 

Officer in Green Despair

Officer in Desert scream

Guild name will be displayed on the top of character.
(You may change the display setting on Option>Game>Display>Guild Name.)

How to Recruit Guildsmen
Recruiting guildsmen is only allowed by the guild master or guildsmen that are permitted by the guild master.
To recruit a character, enter his name and then a guild invitation message will be sent to the character.
The character will join the guild by pressing the [OK] button.
The maximum number of characters allowed in a guild is 111. (including the guild leader)

Guild Chat
Using commands /G or /g and a space at front of a text will enable you to activate the guild chat. Guild chat is displayed in green, and your message will be sent only to the other guildsmen.

Leave a Guild
You can withdraw yourself from a guild by using the [Withdraw] and the [OK] buttons at the bottom of the guild window.

Guild Expulsion
Expelling guildsmen is only allowed by the Guild Master or by certain guildsmen chosen by the Guild Master.
To expel a guildsman, right click a character and then click the [Expel] button.

Group Creation and Management
Only the Guild Masters can create and edit guild groups, and groups for a guild can be created up to 16.
Guild Masters can entrust certain groups with the guild invitation or expulsion permissions, and the grouped guildsmen will attain the permissions.
Right clicking on a group enables the Guild Master to edit group functions such as changing the name, changing the attribute or deleting the entire group.
Only the Guild Masters can transfer guildsmen between groups by dragging and dropping a character name from a group to another group.
If the guild list does not display the most current information, use the “Refresh” button to renew the list.
If you want the guild list to display only the names of members that are currently online, click on the “Online Members Only” button

Group Information Amendments
Only the Guild Masters can write and edit group information.
Guild Notice: A mandatory guild notice that is displayed on the guildsmen’s chat windows every time they are logged in.
Guild Introduction: A brief introduction for your guild
Guild Website: Guild website address

Guild Master Delegation
The entrusted target must be chosen among the guildsmen, and he must have attained Battle Style Level 5 or higher.
To entrust a guildsman with the Guild Master position, right click on the character and press the [Entrust] button.

How to Disband a Guild
Only the Guild Masters can disband their guilds. Expel every guildsman except yourself and then press the [Disband] button at the bottom of the guild window to complete the disbanding process.

Guild Master Authority
EDIT guild information such as notice, introduction or website URL.
MANAGE guild groups.
INVITE guild members
EXPEL a guild member.
DELEGATE a guild master.
DISBAND a guild.